Cold / Hot Aisle Containment solutions

We provide the best of breed cooling system for our Data Center customers. These solutions are based on Fluid and air-side economizers take advantage of cold outside temperatures to provide “free-cooling” cycles that reduce or eliminate the operation of data center cooling system compressors and pumps.

Using economizers, our customer lower the heat management energy usage by up to 50%, depending on the average ambient temperature and humidity at their site. Whether our customer are looking for passive climate control, rack cooling or liquid chilling of high performance equipment, we recommend the right data center cooling solutions for our customers.

TEXPO is also heavily involved in selling the Cannon Technologies (UK) Cooling Solution which is a purpose build solution for our customers requirement. Each CannonCool solution is designed precisely to fit within the chosen set-up of our customer premises. Allowance is made, not only for the conditions inside the rack, but also for the ambient conditions. These cooling system comes with remote control systems allow you the peace of mind that your cooling solution is working as it should.

Aisle containment solution includes: