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Smart Government is an extension of E-Government that goes way beyond delivering services via smart phones. Smart Government is the application of innovative business models and technology to address challenges that public sector organizations face in service delivery. To transition to Smart Government, government entities need to know their citizens’ communications preferences in order to better connect with customers. Instead of developing and implementing new solutions, Smart Government leverages and builds on the IT investments already made by public sector organizations over the last decade.

The fundamental concept of Smart Government revolves around citizens directed government, personalized data and 360 degree citizens services. In this model, citizens no longer need to go and get data from the government, while the government proactively pushes relevant tailored information and services to citizens based on their profile, needs and expectations. The evolution towards Smart Government requires more than just a technology focus, but rather an ongoing effort at internal transformation until government organizations have effectively expanded beyond their “four walls” to have a 360 degree view of citizens. TEXPO has the capabilities to envisage the Smart Government from all these perspectives. We specifically analyze the following dimensions to enable Smart Government.

Integrated Service Delivery

The single most important challenge for public sector organizations in realizing the concept of Smart Government is that there is no single buying center. Some citizens are interested in health related services, some want to obtain licensing information and others look for transportation services. Our team vertically and horizontally looks across the government entitles by applying different architecture and modeling techniques and then proposes how a service can be delivered in the most streamlined manner.

Service Analytic

Citizens no longer need to go and get data from government; instead the government proactively pushes relevant, tailored information and services to citizens based on their profile, needs and expectations. TEXPO helps government entities collect, collate and analyze services data and proposes strategies to enhance users’ experience as they interact with government entities. We also help deploy more persuasive business intelligence functionality throughout a government enterprise. We utilize service analytics to enable fact-based decision making and extended accountability by providing all decision makers with the right information at the right time for service planning, development and monitoring.

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