Sharepoint Development Services

SharePoint is a web-based, collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office. Launched in 2001, SharePoint is primarily sold as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable and usage varies substantially between organizations.

SharePoint Implementation

In today’s fast paced world, the value of aligning business with technology cannot be undermined, hence making it imperative for companies to acquire solutions their businesses can readily adapt to.

SharePoint applications serve as a vital platform that is web-oriented, functional and cost effective. TEXPO with its proficient team of Microsoft SharePoint experts can provide you with dynamic and potent infrastructure management solutions that comply with your business needs. With SharePoint, you can achieve a unified sustainable solution that can integrate within different departments of your organization thus making it more manageable and tractable.

TEXPO’s SharePoint Implementation services comprise of; Portals, Collaboration, Business Intelligence & Processes, Document Management and Content Management.

Enterprise Search

The Enterprise Search feature of Microsoft SharePoint enables multiple indexing, extensive content repositories and comprehensive querying abilities. It refers to a system that serves a range of users that might require anything ranging from deep searches to checking simple facts meanwhile supporting business processes with tailored search capabilities. It’s an effective approach that facilitates ease of access to relevant data. SharePoint Enterprise Search feature supports full-text searching through SQL query syntax along supporting keyword searches by providing new keyword syntax. This can be further customized according to one’s organizational needs.

Configuring Enterprise search involves creating managed accounts required for search and search service applications, creating Content Source and Search Center and Enhancements in Search. Customization enables ease of search, content gathering and enhanced querying abilities as well.

Migration to SharePoint

Over the years, TEXPO has helped numerous clients with SharePoint Migration. We possess the expertise required for a smooth and effective consolidation of business content onto the SharePoint platform along with transferring terabyte of data from websites and file-shares along with associated metadata and other attributes.

We have created tools that can help Migrate facets such as; workflows, documents, permissions, lists, libraries, history, site collections, departments and much more. Your old and new environment can run parallel by using Content Matrix to update changes. Through dynamic scheduling, content from any data-source can be migrated onto SharePoint. Automatic migration is preferable as it reduces the effort and saves time. Additionally, migration logs, images, reports and metadata can be tracked throughout the process. Careful planning and thorough preparation can transform the migration process onto SharePoint, giving the client optimum value on his SharePoint investment.

As a tool for success organizations should stay abreast with current features and innovations in the technological tools, they might be using in the past. Upgrading SharePoint2007/2010 to SharePoint 2013 may seem like a convoluted process. You require IT pro assets and tools to assist you in planning, organizing and implementing the different facets of upgrading. Organizations might worry about the impact to productivity and may be hesitant with upgrades. TEXPO’s team of experts with their comprehensive support makes this transition speed, flexible and efficient.

Through SharePoint Server 2013, the upgrade process is vastly simplified and resilient, with new features that improve the manageability that empower users while balancing their needs.

Upgrades include added feature such as; Site Collection Health Checks, Evaluation of Site Collections and Deferred Site Collection Upgrade. SharePoint 2013 consists of a discussion board which creates an engaging stream of activity enhancing its user-friendliness and users receive constant updates. Furthermore, the newer version of SharePoint is more integrated with Microsoft products which assure safe storage of documents, images and files along with being compatible with programs others might use in the organization.

Whether you prefer to connect through your desktop, laptop, tablets or smartphone SharePoint 2013 now features device-friendliness.

SharePoint Consulting

At TEXPO, we have a team of consultants with extensive hands-on experience in aligning various facets within an organization. We know that synergy and coherence between business and IT is imperative. We can intelligently design, manage and share content built on SharePoint. We believe in augmenting your SharePoint investment to its optimum potential by combining our business solution architecture for knowledge and record management, collaboration, search, content integration and scalable infrastructure.

SharePoint contains the ability to create and add functionality without the hindrances of custom code. We make the most of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features, thus making it time and cost effective. SharePoint serves as a unified platform that helps find, manage and share information without duplicating tasks.

TEXPO’s SharePoint Consulting services encompass; Architecture & Technology, Infrastructure Consolidation, CMS Strategy Implementation, Data Integration, Program Management, Business Process Automation, Document Life Cycle Management, Deployment & Migration Planning, User training and much more.