Technology or the nature of businesses is an ever changing phenomenon. The magnitude and availability of innovation around the world are making it impossible for any company to maintain its supremacy or legacy for a longer period. Numerous talented people, groups, and corporations who believe in their innovations, unique services or products spend millions of dollars to find the right and most desirable market for themselves, especially when it comes to pitching their offerings in the Middle Eastern market. While the desire to operate in the Middle East to expand market share is lustful for any newcomer, what makes it challenging is the unique culture and manner of conducting affairs on a daily basis. Hindrances arise when such entities can no longer administer business with the same ethos which they practice in their respective countries.

TEXPO has been working in the Middle East for over a decade, and we are completely aware of the market, its sensitivities, and method of infiltrating to captivate the larger audience. While we’ve been offering our services to Government entities and Enterprise level customers as well as performing many successful endeavors for the Financial & Hospitality industry and Armed Forces, we welcome the idea of collaborating with companies who produce niche products and exclusive services which can create a win-win situation for each party through joint efforts.

TEXPO’s Joint Collaboration program with any company is specifically designed to develop, grow and support the business of our partner’s in the region we operate. Not only can organizations benefit from our regional presence, market knowledge, and market penetration in a way that fits their business, they can also access our current clientele. Such companies can leverage our unique position in the market and our wealth of local experience in the Middle East, especially in UAE.

Why Partner with TEXPO?

TEXPO is the exclusive IT Company in Dubai that offers its IT infrastructure services to a wide range of Government & Enterprise customers. We have proven records of administering and handling Satellite programs which valued over $ 2 Billion in general. Our ability to manage large projects in the arena of Satellite Communication for Defense & Civilians, Data Centers and Network Infrastructures gives us an extra edge to be the ultimate choice for companies who have something unique to offer to customers in the Middle East.

The Partner Induction Process

Our partner induction process consists of the following stages;

Stage 1:
We receive the Initial Inquiry of the interested companies via the PARTNER PROGRAM.
Stage 2:
Our strategy division reviews the original proposal and evaluates it before submission
to our board for their initial approval.
Stage 3:
Once approved by the board members, we inform the interested party and begin
discussions on further modalities about the engagement framework.
Stage 4:
Once both parties agree on the framework, we mutually sign the agreed collaboration
agreement which provides the complete protocol and clear understanding about the engagement and work requirement by both parties.

So if you are interested in becoming our partner, then begin your partner enrollment today by applying online.