We evaluate the E-Services & Portal of the Government departments to 100% compliance them against the DSG or ADSIC standards

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As part of the Business & IT Consulting, TEXPO offers very specific, focused and packaged services for the public sector specifically in the areas of E-Government, mGovernment and Smart Government.

At TEXPO, we strongly believe in facilitating governments in delivering customer-centric integrated services to citizens, businesses, residents and tourists on the web, mobile and other service delivery channels efficiently and effectively. We achieve this by employing a combination of service optimization techniques and latest technologies.

Core Offerings

Consulting for E-Government

As part of Business and IT Consulting, TEXPO offers a very defined, focused and packaged set of services specifically designed to enable E-Government, M-Government and Smart Government. We help governments deliver customer-centric integrated services to citizens, businesses, residents and tourists via the web, mobile and other channels efficiently and effectively. We do this by combining service our optimization strategies with the latest technologies.

Smart Government

Smart Government is an extension of E-Government that goes way beyond delivering services via smart phones. Smart Government is the application of innovative business models and technology to address challenges that public sector organizations face in service delivery. To transition to Smart Government, government entities need to know their citizens’ communications preferences in order to better connect with customers. Instead of developing and implementing new solutions.

Strategy & Planning

Today’s dynamic markets and technologies have called into question the sustainability of competitive advantage, which can only be achieved by applying a set of analytic techniques for understanding and influencing an organisation’s position in the market. Tragically, nowadays senior management are so busy working for their business that they never find time to work on their business. This is why, they fail to anticipate and strategically prepare for the future. The right strategy can match an organisation’s internal capabilities with the external environment to identify strengths which can be leveraged to create competitive advantage.