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Delivering Satellite Tracking
Ground Communication

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Delivering the Turnkey
Data Centers

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Network Design
& Implementation

We provide consulting services in both
network & data communication design
and implementation
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Developing the mobile
solutions for businesses

TEXPO mobile development can create
amazing opportunities for many businesses to improve
their operations, project management and staff productivity
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eGovernment to smart Government

Building High Quality IT Infrastructures

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  • Mobility Solutions

    Since the concept of mGovernment and mobile (smart) service delivery has emerged, TEXPO has established itself as one of the leading mobile related services providers. TEXPO has gained expertise in both mobile application development and mobile web technologies. TEXPO helps organisation in evaluating their needs and advise the most suitable mobile solution for them.

  • Custom Development

    TEXPO’s bespoke software applications render an opportunity for small, medium and large size organizations to extend a competitive edge and improvements by utilizing technological expertise in a more practical, productive and effective manner.

    We offer unbeatable value for the money as far as the quality and cost effectiveness of the custom-made software development services is concerned. TEXPO’s custom-made software applications, not only match exact client requirements, but also propose various advantages over standard off-the-shelf software. 

  • Sharepoint Services

    SharePoint applications serve as a vital platform that is web-oriented, functional and cost effective. TEXPO with its proficient team of Microsoft SharePoint experts can provide you with dynamic and potent infrastructure management solutions that comply with your business needs. With SharePoint, you can achieve a unified sustainable solution that can integrate within different departments of your organization thus making it more manageable and tractable. TEXPO’s SharePoint Implementation services comprise of; Portals, Collaboration, Business Intelligence & Processes, Document Management and Content Management.

  • IT Services

    Agile development essentially means, creating effective alternatives to traditional or orthodox methodology and approach towards a project goal. It portrays how organizations evolve through mutual collaboration between departments, teams or individuals. Agile Development works as a conceptual framework that focuses on interactions and individuals rather than tools and processes, and how adaptive and responsive we are to change over following a by-the-book plan. 

  • SQL Server Services

    SQL Server is a robust tool that guides you towards; Identifying a Data Source, Defining and Modifying Measures, Attributes, Calculations and Hierarchies, Deploying the OLAP Cube and Studying the relationship between Measure Groups & Dimensions. This SQL Server Analysis offers flexible solutions that let you manipulate through your data with much more agility saving time and well as effort.


  • Microsoft Dynamics

    In case the organisations want to share and collaborate internally or present information for transactional purposes to the external world, TEXPO is fully capable of meeting their requirements. In the form of intranet portals we unify access to all enterprise information and applications at a same platform.

    Our experts help the enterprises bringing their data, applications and information together for easy and unified access including legacy applications.

  • Big Data Solutions

    Effective use of Data can help you transform your business completely. When the availability of structured and unstructured Data has massively elevated, it’s referred to as Big Data. Through Big Data solutions like Data & System Architecture and Project Management and Performance Solutions, we can modify the IT infrastructure of your organization and convert it into assets. 

  • Resource Outsourcing

    TEXPO also offers software development outsourcing that creates opportunities and solves problems for its customers as they tackle the complexities of building commercial grade software.

  • eGovernment

    TEXPO offers very specific, focused and packaged services for the public sector specifically in the areas of eGovernment, mGovernment and Smart Government. We strongly believe in facilitating governments in delivering customer-centric integrated services to citizens, businesses, residents and tourists on the web, mobile and other service delivery channels efficiently and effectively. We achieve this by employing a combination of service optimization techniques and latest technologies.

  • Smart Government

    As TEXPO has partnered with many Government Entities in realizing their eGovernment and mGovernment vision, we are also at the forefront of delivering Smart Government solutions. For us, Smart Government is an extension of eGovernment that goes way beyond delivering services via smart phones. Smart Government is the use of innovative business models and technology to address challenges faced by the public sectors organization in service delivery.

  • mGovernment

    Given the unparalleled advancement of mobile communication technologies, governments are turning to mGovernment to realize the value of mobile technologies for responsive governance and measurable improvements to social and economic development, public service delivery, operational efficiencies and active citizen engagement. The interoperability of mobile applications, which support quick access to integrated data and location-based services, paves the way for innovative public sector governance models – also called mobile governance or mGovernance – based on the use of mobile technology in support of public services and information delivery.

  • IT Governance

    Information Technology (IT) has evolved from being a support function to being the backbone of business in today’s world. IT plays a pivotal role in delivering value to organisations and business users. However, quite frequently, it fails to deliver expected value to the business. In recent years, surveys conducted by Gartner Research and IBM have consistently revealed that up to 70 percent of large-scale investments in IT are either wasted or have failed to bring a sufficient return on investment to the organisation

  • Strategy & Planning

    Today's dynamic markets and technologies have called into question the sustainability of competitive advantage, which can only be achieved by applying a set of analytic techniques for understanding and influencing an organisation’s position in the market.

    Tragically, nowadays senior management are so busy working for their business that they never find time to work on their business. This is why, they fail to anticipate and strategically prepare for the future. The right strategy can match an organisation’s internal capabilities with the external environment to identify strengths which can be leveraged to create competitive advantage.



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